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 Jazz from James Bond and other spy movies, film noir, and cop dramas!

 Swing, surf, salsa,and sultry ballads, leaves the

 crowd both shaken AND stirred!  They perform as a piano/vocal duo, up to a 7 piece band with added horns & rhythm section!

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The Moonraker 7

Perry Mason (Theme) - The Mooraker 7
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Nardis - Latin Jazz Collective w/John Nava
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Stella by Starlight - Latin Jazz Collective w/John Nava
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Playing original and established contemporary jazz with modern & traditional Latin rhythms, the LJC performs in front of audiences far and wide in a variety of settings including public and private concert venues, nightclubs, and festivals.

Latin Jazz Collective w/John Nava


The Kool Katz

Exciting! Fabulous! Explosive! This is the buzz about “The Kool Katz” band and their unique and infectious sound they call Latin Bounce. This group of seasoned professionals can really get a party started with their repertoire of cover and original tunes. With sultry vocals, searing guitar, a solid rhythm unit and screaming horn section – The Kool Katz will have you moving and grooving to guarantee any event will be a success! Based in the heart of Silicon Valley (San Jose, CA), The Kool Katz was founded in 1997 by guitarist Art Galvan and his wife, lead vocalist Kelly Galvan. Together, Art and Kelly combine their musical talents to compose The Kool Katz original sounds. The band has released four CD’s, Your love just moves me, Me gusta como bailas (I like the way you dance),"A new Chicano Groove" and "Turn It Up."

kool Katz
Soft Lights Kevin Micaela Kirk Alonso Pic_edited.jpg

Micaela Stites & the Soft Lights

The Soft Lights is a jazzy cover band

that plays jazz standards, pop, R&B, soul, and more... Everything from Ella Fitzgerald and Anita Baker to Dua Lipa,

ABBA, Queen,

The Jackson 5 -

and many more

They can set a fun,

relaxing mood, or

get everyone up

and dancing and

singing along! 

Kevin Micaela Soft Lights.JPG
Soft Lights
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